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Our Work

Our program model emphasizes collaboration, closing the opportunity gap, leveraging existing resources, building for the future, innovation-driven solutions, and youth  stakeholder involvement. At the core of all our programs is Mentoring. We ensure that we listen, empathize and show an interest in every student. 

Urban STEM Initiative 

The academic performance and engagement of youth from under-represented ethnic groups (African American, Latino, and Indigenous) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) show statistically significant gaps compared to their counterparts. The Urban STEM Initiative engages underrepresented populations in STEM from grades 4-10 in an interactive program of skills-building and mentorship to encourage them to attend college and pursue a STEM degree. 


National Youth Chamber of Commerce

The National Youth Chamber is a program under Project Still I Rise Inc. Project Still I Rise is a community based non-profit organization whose mission is to Empower Today's Youth For Tomorrow's Opportunities. The purpose of the Youth Chamber is to serve as an advocate and catalyst to assist youth in elementary-high school with pursuing their entrepreneurship dreams. 

Project Still I Rise Urban Scholars

The Urban Scholars program was initiated in 2015 by Project Still I Rise Inc. This impactful program was designed for high school students to ensure their successful transition through high school into higher education and or meaningful careers. Students involved in this program have participated in paid internships/employment with Project Still I Rise, service learning opportunities, financial education workshops, and professional development coaching throughout the school year. Since its inception, Project Still I Rise has invested over $100,000 in direct support for students. If you wonder where some students have attended school after graduation, please view the video below.


Financial Education

Financial education is vital to our community because it equips us with the knowledge and skills to manage money effectively. This empowering tool includes saving money, distinguishing between wants and needs, managing a budget, paying bills, buying a home, paying for college, and planning for retirement.Project Still I Rise is committed to providing students with financial education on smart money decisions. It is our commitment, along with our partners, to encourage students to save money, foster peer conversations, and empower them to be good stewards of their financial futures.

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