Project Still I Rise is a community-based nonprofit organization founded in 2002. The mission of the agency is to empower today’s youth for tomorrow’s opportunities through academic enrichment, mentoring, and

 leadership development programming. PSIR’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. 


About Us







PSIR’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Project Still I Rise embraces the core values of collaboration, compassion, servant leadership and stewardship.


Collaboration - we will work together with the community-at-large forming partnerships that support our mission.


Compassion - we will provide service in the spirit of empathy, love and concern.


Servant Leadership - we will create a service-led environment.


Stewardship - we will manage resources effectively and responsibly.


Project Still I Rise business model emphasizes collaboration with others, leveraging existing resources, building for the future through capacity development, innovation-driven solutions, cost-effective programming, and a strong emphasis on quality programs and services.